Quadpro Tree-Swing Hanging Strap Kit for Tree Hammock Camping Hammock Includes a of 118 Inches Durable Hang Swing Straps+Holds Up 5500+Lbs Heavy Duty Hooks+Carrying Pouch (Black)

Product Features

  • DURABLE MATERIALS: The 118 Inches Hang Swing Straps is made of commercial grade nylon and could withstand the erosion of rain and sun exposure,The strap holds up to 1763+ Lbs
  • STRONG & SAFE: Equipped with 1 High strength carabiner, Using 40DR forging steel make, Holds Up To 5500+ Lbs and is 100% Waterproof - Directions Included! It also comes with a convenient carrying pouch so you can bring your straps with you anywhere.
  • FITS ALL SWING TYPES:A single strap is fantastic for spinner swings, tire swings, disc swings, web swings, and hammock swings. Purchase two straps for classic tree swings, garden swings, toddler swings, and porch/patio swings.Lie Back Enjoy Breeze!
  • TREE PROTECTION: We place a great emphasis on designing products that won't damage the beautiful trees on this beautiful planet. That is why we use nylon Material strap to wrap around the tree branch of your choice. Not only this, it is also safer for child or Adult as it can handle greater loads.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We're SO confident that you'll love this Tree Swing Hanging Strap Kit that it's backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don't love it for whatever reason, we'll replace it or give you every cent back. That means that you either love it, or it's free!
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Product Description

At Quadpro, we set out to design and manufacture a tree swing Hanging strap kit that combines the most durable of materials and advanced safety features.

What makes our tree hang strap different?
For starters, our strap is 118 Inches long and is made out of commercial grade nylon and can hold up more than just 1763+ lbs.

Here are some more of the unique features of our elite tree strap system:
*Tree friendly and will fit around even the thickest trees, 2 inch wide strap to prevent tree damage
*High strength carabiner that won’t bend.
*High quality nylon hammock straps,Corrosion resistance
*100% waterproof
*Smoother ride
*Easy cleaning and care
*The Swing Straps is suitable for adults and children.

Note that you’ll need one or two of these tree Swing strap kits for different types of swing
Some examples of single-hanger swings are: (You could search to find it ASIN:B01IP3YXZG)
☆Spinner swings
☆Tire swings
☆Disc swings
☆ Web swings
☆Hammock swings

Some examples of swings that require 2 hanger strap sets are: (You could search to find it ASIN:B01IP1LC0W)
☆ Classic swings
☆ Garden swings
☆ Toddler swings
☆ Porch swings
☆ Patio swings
We’re SO confident that you’ll love this tree swing strap kit that it’s backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.
If you don’t love it ­ *for whatever reason* ­ we’ll replace it or give you every cent back. That means that you either love it, or it’s free!

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