RenGard Portable Camping Hammock – Sturdy and Breathable Parachute Nylon built; Multifunctional; Tri-stitches – Best for both Indoor & Outdoor Camping – Single, Light Grey/Orange

Product Features

  • MOMENTS OF COZINESS: Brings you the comfort and feelings of your bed. Forget all the aches and draining caused from the threatening schedule. And let yourself recharge in clouds of nylon. That's how one of our customer described it - "Feels like sleeping over the clouds."
  • QUICK & STRAIGHTFORWARD SETUP: Within a few moments, you can secure it to a poles, tree, boat masts, and if you want to, a wall or ceiling. Even 10-year-olds can complete the process within minutes. In short, no entangled ropes to cause a headache or nausea. Just open your hammock whenever you want some rest.
  • DURABLE BUILT - BEST FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR CAMPING: Made of premium quality parachute nylon that's both breathable and sturdy. Extra tensile, flexible, light-weight, quick-drying; this hammock can bear a weight up to 300lbs. Go camping, hiking, or party at home, it adds further spices to your fun.
  • PORTABLE & LIGHT-WEIGHT: Comes with a free backpack to carry the hammock with the ease. Weighs just 1.4 lbs. And you can stuff it into the attached sack without much effort. We made it for your comfort, even during a backcountry camping, not to laden you with further weight.
  • BEST PRICE & FREEBIES: The product is the perfect steal at the price offered. Compared it with the quality and functionality offered, it's the deal no one would ever miss. Plus it comes with a free backpack to carry the hammock, which can definitely be used for other purposes as well. Hurry up, and click that 'ADD TO CART' button, now! Because prices will go higher way too soon.
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Product Description

RenGard Camping Hammock: Add the moments of Comfort & Fun to every Trip and Party.

What happens when you go for hiking or backpacking?

At first, it goes fantastic with a lot of fun and enthusiasm. But after a few hours (or maybe a day), you feel exhausted and crave your lovely bed, which is nowhere around your camp area, duh!

That’s when our easy-to-carry, portable hammocks come handy. Just hang it between some poles, trees, posts, or a wall. And you’re ready for the best sleep. Made of premium quality nylon, it’s sturdy and flexible enough to carry your weight.

Now, here’s what makes it the best:

– Free Backpack: Comes with an all-free backpack to carry the hammock wherever you go. You can also use it for other stuffs.
– Breathable Parachute Nylon: Provides the best experience even in the summer. No sweats, no itches, no terrible scent, only the freshness and comfort. Oh yes, that’s what we call the perfect.
– Easy to carry – lightweight: Weighs just 1.4 pounds and can be folded into 7.9 x 5.9 x 3.9 inches backpack. Hassel free carriage wherever and however you go!
– Triple Stitches: To make it further sturdy and long-lasting. Helps to distribute the weight all over its stretch, i.e. to minimize the strain. It’s the one-time purchase that lasts for years, maybe longer.
– Easy to setup: No extra knowledge or training required. Quick and straightforward steps to follow. You can finish the setup within minutes, even a 10-year-old can.
– Pricing: Okay, there’s no pricing at all. It’s the perfect steal – like said already.

But you’re still here!

Click that ‘Add to Cart’ button, now. And secure your RenGard Camping Hammock to enjoy the best ever outing experience.

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