Supreme Nylon Hammock- Supports Up To Two People or 400 LBS – Porch, Backyard, Indoor, Camping – Durable, Ultralight Material for Strength & Comfort with Hanging Straps – Utopia Home

Product Features

  • Includes Hammock measuring 300x200 CM with 2 High Strength Ropes, 2 Tree Friendly Straps and 2 Solid Steel Carabiners Included!
  • Designed using Nylon 210T parachute fabric, with triple interlocking stitching to support a maximum capacity of 200 kg!
  • Add easily in attached compression stack to make it easy to carry for the Beach, BBQ's, & all other FUN activities!
  • 2 Solid Steel Carabiners and tree friendly ropes allows easy installation to Trees, Poles, Boat Masts, or even walls!
  • Hand wash delicately, do not bleach; and store hooks in a dry place
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Product Description

Relax in peace anywhere with our Super Lightweight, and easy to carry Hammock! This Hammock is made with high tensile Nylon which can hold up to up to 400 allow room for up to two people!. You can easily set it up in your backyard, parks or beaches since it comes with tree friendly straps, ropes, and metal hooks. It is super lightweight and compact enough for backpacking, hiking, camping and even traveling. Also, it features an attached stuff sack for fast and simple packing. Get your desired relaxation with this hammock by setting it up in just a few seconds! Try it, we’re sure you’ll love it, and leave us a review!

Package includes:

1 x Hammock
2 x Solid Steel Carabiners
2 x Strong Ropes
2 x Tree Straps


1. Do not put too much force during use, to prevent breaking contacts.
2. Make sure hanging or support points are strong, and have a height of not more than 1-meter to prevent an accidental fall.
3. Do not pull rope too much if it is tied to a sharp object on the support point to avoid tears.
4. Avoid carrying buttons or sharp objects that may damage the hammock.
5. Make sure you tie the rope to shorter distance.
6. Stay away from any type of fire.
7. Make sure you put the hammock on clean and smooth ground to avoid gravel, branches and other hard objects (try to use on grass surfaces).


1. Often check both ends of the rope to prevent excessive wear.
2. Do not swing back and forth substantially to avoid rope abrasion from ends.
3. Pay attention to personal safety during leisure.

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